For adults, our practice has three payment options:

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  1. Denplan Essentials (monthly payment plan) - This scheme pays for your routine six monthly Dental Health Check, along with routine Scale and Polish with the dentist or Hygienist, and routine x-rays. Any additional treatment needs are payable, and subject to 20% discount on the Pay as you go fees.
    Typical Denplan Essentials fee for 2024 is £21.49 per month. (Additional options available)
    For further information please call reception or see the Denplan website
  2. Denplan Care (monthly payment plan) - for a higher monthly fee this plan provides you with comprehensive cover for all clinically necessary treatments completed within the practice to maintain healthy teeth and gums. (this does not include cosmetic treatments, outside referrals, and laboratory fees)
    Typical Denplan Care fee for 2024 is £31.55 per month. (Additional options available)
  3. Pay as you go (At the discretion of the practice) - Dental Health Check £58, Hygienist visit £62, 2 x-rays £35. Should you require further treatment, your dentist will give a full treatment plan, clearly explaining the recommended treatment, along with the relevant fee.

    Pay as you go fees

    • Fillings from £125
    • Crowns from £695
    • Dentures from £395
    • Root treatments from £380
    • Emergency assessment £30

For children, our practice has two prevention plans:

  1. 0 - 16 year olds - Junior prevention plan (monthly payment plan) - A comprehensive prevention scheme which includes any dental care required to maintain oral health, incorporating bespoke preventative sessions with our Oral Health Educator.
    Junior prevention plan fee for 2024 is £9.72 per month. (Additional options available)
  2. 16 - 21 year olds - Student plan (monthly payment plan) - To help and support our young adults in maintaining the healthy skills and habits gained from the junior prevention plan.
    Student Plan fee for 2024 is £13.18 per month. (Additional options available)
We request payment for the treatment received at each appointment so please bring a means of payment on your first visit (we accept all normal forms of payment).
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